Zelensky says the offensive in the south made it possible to liberate two cities

“Ukrainian flags are returning to the places where they rightfully belong,” said the Ukrainian president.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that the counter-offensive launched a week ago to recover Russian-occupied territories in the south of the country has already resulted in the liberation of two cities.

“I will not go into the details, but the Ukrainian flags are returning to the places where they should be by right,” said the Ukrainian president, after another General Staff meeting, in which the Ukrainian war strategy was analyzed.

In his speech on Sunday night, Zelensky was a little clearer, saying that the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 42nd separate motorized infantry battalion had “liberated two cities in the south” of the country “thanks to their heroic actions”.

Zelensky made these statements after Ukrainian media published a photo of soldiers raising their country’s flag on the roofs of a hospital in Vysokopillya.

This town in the Kherson region, which had around 4,000 citizens before the war, is located south of Krivoy Rog and about 160 kilometers northeast of the occupied city of Kherson.

Shortly before, the head of the Presidency’s Cabinet, Andriy Yermak, published the photo on the social network Telegram and wrote “step by step”.

Ukraine has been attacking the logistical and supply lines of Russian troops in the south for a week, as well as their warehouses, weapons depots and command and control posts, in order to reduce capabilities and impede Russian supplies.

Zelensky also said that on the eastern front, soldiers from the 63rd battalion of the 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade managed to liberate a town in the pro-Russian region of Donetsk, although he did not reveal its name. Ukrainian media claim that it is the town of Ozerne, between Sloviansk and Siversk.

The Ukrainian president also assured that the 54th brigade – which is heading towards Lysychansk [Lugansk] and Siversk [Donetsk] – “advanced and recovered in a few moments”.

Zelensky stressed that “the Ukrainian flag and freedom will return to Crimea”, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014.

“We will liberate all our lands, all our people”, underlined Zelensky, once again, in his speech.

Source: With Agencies

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