Brazil: Intelligence agencies do not detect risks of violence on 7 September

Army sources also told CNN that there are no signs of problems.

Government intelligence agencies, the Armed Forces and the state police did not detect any risk that the September 7 acts were violent.

The common perception in these bodies is that. As of Monday night, the risk is “very low,” according to a source at the Brazilian Intelligence Agency. Army sources also told CNN that there are no signs of problems so far and that nothing suspicious has been detected.

Sources from the Military Police of the Federal District, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where demonstrations will take place, also reported that the expectation is that September 7 will be peaceful.

There is a reading that there could be some risk if supporters of ex-President Lula also took to the streets for the traditional Grito dos Excluídos, but the PT campaign coordination itself asked the social movements not to carry out acts on this day.

Another point raised, especially in the capitals, is that the number of PM troops in the streets will be increased on that day, which in principle would reduce the chances of riots.

Source: CNN

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