Former intelligence chiefs urge Israel to prepare attack on Tehran

A group of former military and intelligence chiefs has urged Tel Aviv to prepare for possible military action against Iran, as the Islamic republic reportedly approaches a nuclear bomb, Israel Hayom newspaper reported.

Amos Gilad and Yaakov Amidror – former head of the Department of Political-Military Affairs of the Ministry of Defense and former national security adviser – claimed that Tel Aviv must be prepared if the agreement between Tehran and international powers fails.

“The Iranian threat is a large-scale strategic threat to the State of Israel,” Gilad declared. “We must understand that it is not just a point of view, but that the Iranians are investing vast efforts to develop their hostile capabilities.”

“In Lebanon, according to foreign publications, they have 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel, as well as long-range missiles and cyber and terrorist capabilities,” he added. “As if that weren’t enough, they are on the fringes of atomic capacity.”

Amidror reaffirmed: “This is a bad deal, but it is positive that Israel has made it clear that it is not committed to it. Diplomatic alternatives were exhausted when Washington decided to pursue the agreement at any cost.”

“I don’t see how not to involve force to persuade the Iranians, as their efforts never ceased no matter the diplomatic or economic pressure,” the major general continued. “The context requires assurances that we are prepared for a military option.”

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Segall – former head of Iranian affairs at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Directorate – resounded the warning: “Within a short period, the nuclear deal will lead to the strengthening of Hezbollah and other allied groups. in the region”.

Source: With Agencies

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