US announces intercontinental missile test

Trident missiles, launched from the sea, are carried by US submarines, while nuclear bombs are carried by strategic bombers.

The United States of America (USA) announced this Tuesday that it will test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Wednesday, an unusual revelation aimed at preventing a worsening of tensions with Russia in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.

“This test of the unarmed Minuteman III missile will take place tomorrow [Wednesday], the morning of September 7, from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California,” said General Pat Ryder, a spokesman for the Pentagon (Department of Defense Department), in statements to the media.

“This is a routine test that has been planned for some time, and that, like previous tests, will validate and verify the effectiveness and preparedness of the system,” he added.

“The United States has given advance notice to the Russian government,” the spokesperson said.

The US does not routinely announce its ICBM missile tests.

The last test of the Minuteman III, a missile equipped with a warhead and which in the context of war can carry a nuclear bomb, has been postponed on two occasions. It would be successfully carried out on August 16th.

The Minuteman III, operational for 50 years, is the only surface-to-air missile in the US nuclear arsenal since 2005.

It was installed in launch silos and distributed across three US military bases in Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana (northern United States).

Source: With Agencies

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