A Little History of Some Handguns

Handgun, is any firearm small enough to be held in one hand when fired. It usually fires a single projectile or bullet, and additional ammunition may be available in a revolving mechanism or magazine. Handguns may be used for target shooting, hunting small game, or personal self-defense. Discover some of the most classic.

Webley .455 

Webley .455  – Developed by Webley’s Industries around the year 1798.
The Webley .455 Revolver was the first small arms to be developed at that time. Made of pure bronze with carbon fibers in places, the revolver is extremely light and easy to handle, which made it intensely famous and reliable in its first four successful years. Its barrel has a capacity for four .45 shells, a small projectile, but with a circular metal tip, which on impact can pierce some objects, including the human body.

Webley Colt .445 

Webley Colt .445 – In 1802, after Webley Industries’ great success with a small gun had passed, a new project was started, in which they created the Webley Colt .445. Using metal and wood to build the weapon, they basically followed the same model; locking system, drum with a capacity of four cartridges  ( In which they used a new projectile model, the .44, larger and with a circular metal tip, faster and stronger. ) which really caught the attention of W.I customers, was the new model of the revolver. Bigger and a little heavier, just as accurate, and as requested. It was another huge success that lasted about seven years until the company went into decline in 1809.

Webley LeMat .445 

Webley LeMat .445 – As the last hope of saving the company that was in decline, Webley’s Industries puts a completely innovative system revolver on the market. Constructed of metal, silver and wood, the LeMat revolver fired two .44 rounds at once when the trigger was pulled, the mechanical latch underwent serious changes; whenever he fired, it was necessary to cock the revolver again so that it would fire successively. The drum did not change its capacity, continuing to support only four capsules. In the model, the LeMat revolver was only slightly larger than the Webley .455, and with the difference that it had two barrels, through which the shots were made than the other models. The weight was constantly changing, it was a little lighter than the Colt .445 It was a total failure in sales, the buyers claimed that the revolver had no accuracy, the shots often missed, or simply split, and went into action. collision, one with the other, which led the company into total bankruptcy in the year 1817, two months after the assassination of the president of Webley Industries, Jean Carrante.

✥ Pistols 

V.P – Versicherer 

Velvet Productions, Versicherer – The weapon has a mechanism that requires little or no powder. The ignition of the weapon is done internally by a system that follows gears and engine mechanisms. Thus, the ignition of the weapon is caused by its own systems, making it possible to do general home maintenance so that the friction of the action of the mechanism does not compromise the functionality of the weapon. The firing of the weapon, which only accepts bullets from the same industry, is as effective as its name, after all, ‘Versicherer’, translated from German to ‘Assurer’, will make sure your target is eliminated because as the company motto, their only resentment is that someone doesn’t die.

Süban – Makarov T11

Makarov T11 – Süban, an industry producing semi-automatic pistols of light material, marketed a weapon known to many in Russia, the Makarov T11. A self-caliber pistol, which uses a self-locking system and has a capacity of only two projectiles; is accurate and extremely deadly. It was only necessary for the user to place the capsules, and then do the magic.

✥ Semi Automatic Rifles ✥

Rutherford .22 

Rutherford .22 – Hailing from outside Aldenburgh, Rutherford is an accurate semi-automatic rifle that uses .22 rounds in its firing. Constructed of pure wood, the rifle is considerably heavy. Using a manual mechanical locking system, it is necessary for the bearer to pull the lock backwards, thus cocking the weapon, and allowing consecutive shots; what innovated at the time, was that the Rutherford .22 rifle fired 3 accurate and consecutive projectiles each time the lock was cocked. It uses cartridges with a capacity of nine .22 rounds; thin and long, pointed and metallic projectiles, which make them powerful. The Rifle was a sales success, and there is always a great demand for it, even to this day.

Blorggelphis – Winchester 

Winchester – There has never been a weapon as accurate as the Winchester itself. Using a .22 caliber, the semi-automatic rifle works with a mechanical lock that consists of, with each shot, the ”hook” under the trigger, cocked. When the ammunition runs out, it is necessary to pull the lock on top, and put the bullets in place, and then, cock the lock, making the rifle usable again. The sales success that Blorggelphis made with this weapon was extremely huge, but productions were closed due to the beasts that inhabit Aldenburgh today.



The Maravouch is a Cadence Rifle somewhat superior to the others, which will only depend on its user in the speed of fire. The more agility it has, to be able to shoot and remove the bullet from the weapon after shooting, the faster the next shot will be.
Five bullets are fitted into the Maravouch at a time, the first shot is fired, and then the cartridge will be stuck inside the weapon, the handle is pulled down, and the bullet will be ejected from the weapon, causing the second to enter. in its place right away.

The name of the Maker of this modern wonder is not known, but it is said that with one shot of this weapon, a paw can be ripped from a wolf if it does not properly treat the wounds afterwards.


Sanguinum is an extremely powerful and famous rifle, even being nicknamed “The Assassin” by some who have used the weapon. It is lightweight, made of refined wood with light metallic accents. Its lock is almost the same style as the lock on the Rutherford .22, being necessary to pull it to unlock the weapon. Her shots are in effective bursts of 3 shots, and if the person using the Sanguinum has enough accuracy, it is capable of ripping off even a person’s arm by pressing the trigger once. Due to its extreme firepower, the weapon is quite expensive and is rarely seen in the possession of people.


Venatrici is nothing but one of the best rifles ever made. With a refined oak wood casing, with metallic adaptations on its body, the rifle has a medium weight, which allows users of the weapon not to have much difficulty when they need to act quickly in battle. The weapon’s ammunition is nothing more than steel bullets with silver coatings, created especially for hunting creatures. In humans, the effects caused by a shot of it are painful. A single shot is capable of causing severe bleeding if hit full-on.

Silver Ltda. – Silver Hunter 

Silver Hunter – Manufactured during the year 1834 in industries owned by Silver Ltd. This rifle, without a doubt, is the strongest and most accurate created to date. Manual locking system; it is necessary for the user to pull the latch, and place a single Silver projectile capsule in the available space, and then, cock the latch. The Shot is so powerful, capable of ripping off limbs or even huge parts of the target’s body easily, as well as penetrating some armor and destroying metal completely. The company’s motto is: ”If you missed the shot, or it wasn’t enough to destroy your target; you are not worthy of being a hunter.” which is taken very seriously.

✥ Shotguns 

Silver Ltda. – Double Barrel – 12,000 £

Double Barrel – The great Silver Ltd, after the immense success of Silver Hunter, decides to invest in the shotgun market, bringing a versatile, agile model that is as powerful as the rifle itself. The initial name of the project was ”White Barrel”, the initial model had only one barrel, with the capacity for a single projectile capsule. Then they improved all aspects of the previous model; they added one more barrel, thus two, the gun was locked manually, it was only necessary to open the barrels and place the capsules, locking the barrels again and being able to shoot; the trigger was improved, accuracy, weight, recoil and many other aspects which made the weapon very well known among the neighboring countries of England. The Double Barrel is a double-barreled shotgun, which fires high-caliber projectiles, with two modes of fire that have been deployed; the heavy, and the soft; To change the modes, just activate a small lock located under the stock; the ”Heavy”, whenever the user pressed the trigger, the two projectiles were fired together and with more power, but less accuracy and less recoil as well. The ”Soft” mode allowed only one shot to be fired at a time, decreasing firepower a little, but dramatically increasing its accuracy and recoil.

Remigton .40 

Remington .40 – It was brought from outside England; all with the serial number scratched off and manufacturers unknown. The Remington .40 is an accurate and powerful short to medium-range shotgun, its main focus is to hit and tear targets at considerable distances, and for that, the shotgun has only one projectile capsule that can be attached to the side of the weapon. The Shot is potent at a distance, being able to rip off small limbs in an instant and seriously injure targets; at close range, the weapon loses its potential.

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