Further changes in Russia’s military: Rustam Muradov, who made his name in Syria and Chechnya, appointed commander of Eastern military district

General Rustam Muradov was appointed commander of Russia’s Eastern military district.

The district consists of four military units — the Far-Eastern military district, the Pacific fleet, the eastern part of the Siberian military district, and the air-force and air defense command. The district headquarters are located in Khabarovsk.

Muradov’s appointment was reported by RBC and RTVI, based on data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and SPARK (an analytic system set up by the Interfax).

This information was also confirmed by the head of Dagestan Sergey Melikov, who wrote on his Telegram channel: “I think this is a sound decision. Rustam Usmanovich has always been a leader who went ahead and led others.” “I’m certain,” he added, “that his qualities, as well as his military education and combat experience gained in the ‘hot points’ of Chechnya and Syria, will help him reach his combat goals brilliantly.”

The head of Dagestan wished Muradov “good military luck,” adding that he expects to see “combat successes” under his command.

RBC notes that the Defense Ministry’s website still lists Alexander Chaiko as commander of the Eastern military district, a post he has held since November 2021.

In July, the Defense Ministry stated that Muradov was commander of the Russian troops of the Vostok grouping in the Donbas. What might have prompted his new appointment has not been explained.

On October 3, the media reported a change of command in Russia’s Western military district. According to the State Register of Legal Entities, in place of the former commander, Colonel General Alexander Zhuravlev, Major General Roman Berdnikov was appointed.

General Berdnikov had previously commanded the Russian military grouping in Syria.

Source: With Agencies

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